Solarize Harrisonburg


The first round of Solarize Harrisonburg has been a huge success with over 65 participants going solar as part of the group!

We’re ready to launch the second round of Solarize Harrisonburg this August and are looking for community partners and participants!Eugene Stoltzfus

If you’re interested in going solar as part of the group,  fill out the sign up form below. If you’re interested in helping the effort as a community partner contact Joy Loving at ( ).

How does a Solarize group work?

Sometimes also called a solar co-op, a solarize program is based on the same principal as buying in bulk. The group will go through the process of purchasing solar systems together and will select a single contractor to install systems on all of the homes. Each participant owns their own system and will sign their own contract with the chosen installer.

By going solar as a group, members will save 30% off the cost of a solar system. They’ll also have the support of the group throughout the process instead of having to go it alone.


More information

A recorded info meeting for those who can’t attend the meeting in person!

A recorded info meeting for those who can’t attend the meeting in person!

Co-op in the news

 Interested in Harrisonburg Round Two? Sign up Here!

Harrisonburg Round 2 Interest

Sign-up form for those interested in a Harrisonburg round 2 program

 Who is organizing this?

The co-op is being organize by Climate Action Alliance of the ValleyCommunity Power Network, and VA SUN. All are welcome to join!
CAAV Logo        Untitled-2       va_sun (1)

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