Newport News Solar Co-op

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Community members across the Tidewater region have formed a solar co-op! While the co-op originally started in Newport News, it has expanded to include the entire Tidewater region, from Yorktown in the north to Chesapeake in the south. All Tidewater residents are welcome to sign up. Co-op members can save up to 20% off the cost of going solar and have the support of fellow co-op members and VA SUN throughout the process. The group has selected selected Convert Solar to install solar panels for the group.

The Hampton Roads Solar Group, the Sierra Club, Virginia Organizing, and Chesapeake Climate Action Network are helping to organize the co-op with VA SUN.

Ready to sign up? Click here! The sign-up deadline is April 15.

A recorded info meeting for those who can’t attend the meeting in person!

Watch a recorded information meeting to learn more.

How does the solar co-op work?

The group is open to all Newport News residents and businesses. The group is facilitated by VA SUN and supported by community partners.

Based on the same principle as buying in bulk, co-op members purchase solar systems together to save money and share knowledge. The group uses a competitive bidding process to select a single company that will install systems on all of the participating homes. Each participant signs his or her own contract with the installer, but everyone gets the bulk discount.

By going solar as a group we can save up to 20% off the cost of a solar system. You’ll also have the support of the group instead of navigating an often-complicated process alone. VA SUN is supporting the group effort. The group will complete the following process to ensure a smooth and organized experience for everyone involved:


 More Information

Still have questions? Email and be sure to mention the Newport News Solar Co-op in the subject line.

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VA SUN is a project of Community Power Network (CPN), a network of grass roots, local, state, and national organizations working to build and promote locally based renewable energy projects and policies. CPN’s founder and executive director, Anya Schoolman, formed the group after she tried to install solar on her Mt. Pleasant home in 2007 and saw how challenging the process was at the time. She organized her neighbors to help make the process easier and more affordable and has been helping others through the process nationwide ever since. CPN provides DC SUN with support and access to a national network of solar homeowners, practitioners, partners, policy experts, and policy makers.