How to Go Solar For Homeowners

There’s no better time for Virginia homeowners to go solar and save on electricity bills. The following is a basic overview of the steps for going solar. If you have questions or run into problems in the process of going solar, please contact the VA SUN listserv and we can help!

Steps to Going Solar

1) Join the listserv. Virginia has an active listserv of people who have gone solar. You can ask questions and get help by joining the listserve.

2) Learn about solar.

3) Connect with a solar coop or bulk purchase program in your area. Many coops host meetings and organize group purchases for members, allowing you to connect with other solar enthusiasts and save money. If there isn’t a coop in your area consider starting one or organizing a mini bulk purchase. We can help you set up a coop or bulk purchase program in your area.

4 ) Solicit three (3) bids from local installers if you decide to go solar on your own. Check out a list of local installers and contact three to solicit bids. It’s important to get multiple bids so you can select the installer who will best meet your needs. Not sure how to review your bids? Send your questions to the listserv and someone can help you.

5) Select an installer and have your system installed. Once you’ve selected a solar installer, contact them and let them know you’d like to move forward. They’ll have you sign a final contract and schedule an installation date. Your installer should handle all rebate applications, permits with the city, and contacting your power company to interconnect your system to the grid. Contact the listserv if you have questions or run into any problems during the installation process.

6) Arrange to sell your system’s SRECs. SRECS are Solar Renewable Energy Credits that are produced by your solar system. You can either sell your system’s SRECs yourself or arrange for your installer to do so. More information about SRECs is available here.

7) Have a party and invite others to celebrate! We want to hear about your new system! Share photos with the listserve and invite your friends and neighbors to go solar! Also, make sure to let your local elected official know how happy you are with your solar system.