Virginia Declaration of Solar Rights

The time has come for Virginians to declare our solar rights!

Virginia’s solar policies rank among the worst in the nation. They limit job creation and impose on our right to be energy self-sufficient.

Contact your legislators to urge them to support solar policies that help all Virginians fairly access solar energy. This is a great opportunity to let your state senator and delegate know there is broad, bipartisan support to enable all Virginians to go solar.

The declaration:

Solar energy empowers Virginians to harness clean local energy, creates jobs, and enhances our energy security. Sadly, Virginia’s current laws violate our right to invest in and benefit from solar energy by limiting consumer choice.
I join a growing number of Virginians who demand an immediate change to laws that restrict our freedom to produce solar energy. We petition the Virginia General Assembly to:

Lift Virginia’s 1% limit on total solar energy generation

This arbitrary and technically unsound policy restricts job creation for Virginia businesses by limiting the amount of solar connected to Virginia’s electric grid. The grid can safely and reliably support at least ten times more solar than this cap allows.

Allow Virginians to lease or share solar panels

Virginia does not allow for shared solar (‘community solar’) or third party leasing for residential solar systems. Virginians should have the same market options for solar panels that we do for an automobile. We can lease a car and we can share a car. We should have the right to lease or share solar panels.

End penalties and system size limits for solar on private property

Residential solar system owners in Dominion and Appalachian Power service territories are forced to pay a punitive and excessive “stand by charge” for systems over a certain size. Homeowners are also prohibited from building a solar system producing in excess of their previous year’s electric usage. These rules violate our right to be energy self-sufficient on our own property with our own money.

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