Arlington Solar Co-op

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Sorry, the deadline to sign up for the co-op has closed. More than 250 neighbors signed up to go solar. Click here to be notified when the next co-op forms.

Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment (ACE), the Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy (AIRE) and Virginia SUN (a program of Community Power Network) organized the co-op.

How does the Co-op Work?

Based on the same principal as buying in bulk, the co-op will go through the process of purchasing solar systems together. The group will select a single contractor to install systems on all of the homes, but each participant owns their own system and will sign their own contract with the chosen installer.

By going solar as a group, members will save 30% off the cost of a solar system. They’ll also have the support of the co-op throughout the process instead of having to go it alone


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